Smoking cannabis for recreational purposes has left people wondering how much healthier it can be. Anyone who smokes weed initially started with a dry pipe but now water pipes have overtaken the sales of dry pipes. Both dry and wet methods are vastly different but by the end of the day are a method of consumption.

In this article, we will be comparing the different types of pipes and their respective benefits to see which one is healthier or better.

Benefits of Wet Methods

Easier to Inhale

The primary reason why people largely considered water pipes to be healthier than dry pipes is because of them being less harsh on the lungs. The former becomes a good choice for both beginners and people who have to take cannabis daily. Let us explain how it works so that one has an idea of the extent of its benefit.

When the herb combusts, the smoke is filtered to a great extent through the water and also cools it down. This makes it easier on the lungs and does not make one cough as much. It is perfect for beginners who are not in the habit of smoking regularly. It also influences the concentration of active compounds in cannabis which directly impacts how high you would feel on inhalation.

Easy Filtration

Dry pipe does not do anything for filtration until and unless there is some external help which includes filtration in the process. On the other hand, water pipes are extremely good at natural filtration and remove a lot of toxins that might prove detrimental to the health in the long term. A study found that acetaldehyde and acrolein were both effectively removed from the smoke of marijuana through the use of wet methods.

Ask any smoker and they will tell you that filtration is extremely important. The main focus is, of course, on getting the hit which cannabis offers. But if potential toxins are not removed it can lead to poor health sooner than later. There were researches conducted to establish that methods removed a variety of toxic substances as compared to any dry method.

So, we can safely say that as long as you have the option of choosing a filtered method do not revert to the other alternative. Make sure to know the extent of advantages filtration can offer while smoking, consider it closely for long term use.

High Versatility

Many people do not realise but water bombs are typically more versatile than any dry method available. We have already established that they are somewhat healthy in their use but the versatility offers a variety of applications for the users. There is no shortage of wet methods that one can use and all of them can be chosen based on personal preference.


Different attachments can create the perfect contraction to enjoy the smoking experience. If one require the consumption of cannabis two frequently or on a daily basis adapting to water bombs will be more cost affective than going with any dry method. A beginner can start with a basic bong and can upgrade when they feel like it.

Benefits of Dry Methods

Highly Portable

Even though water bombs are perfect for daily use they are not a portable as dry pipes. Portability is extremely easy because the most common dry method is rolling a joint and lighting it up. As long as you have the option of using a dry method on the go, shifting to a wet method with a lot of attachments in parts becomes highly inconvenient.

People who take marijuana less regularly are more likely to go with a joint rather than a water bong for this very reason. The preparation will take up time which is not the case with a joint or other methods.

Easier to Clean

The cleanup time is also efficiently reduced if one chooses dry pipes. Wet methods have a lot of different types of bombs in complicated shapes which makes clean up really difficult. A waterborne is made up of multiple parts that have to be attached together and cleaned separately after you are done with smoking.

While the different shapes and types are really beautiful to look at, they also increase the time spent on thoroughly cleaning it. Therefore, wet techniques are only worth the cleanup if one is using marijuana regularly. If one wants to save time and do not smoke up regularly, there is nothing better than rolling a joint or carrying glass spoon pipes.

Durable and Cheap


We previously mentioned that water bongs were cost effective but only when one was using marijuana regularly. The dry techniques of smoking are far cheaper because of accessibility and availability. Even if you go for the alternatives on the high end of the spectrum, at most it will cost you $40.

Along with low prices one also gets immense durability. In contrast with the glass bombs for wet techniques, dry pipes are far more durable. They are also easy to carry around without wearing about them breaking. One can keep them in their pocket and since they are made of metal no harm will come to them.

What to Choose?

Based on the benefits that we have mentioned so far, the wet methods provide advantages in terms of health. Dry pipes are cheaper, durable and accessible but do nothing for reducing the detrimental effects on the health. Infrequent users can still pick dry pipes but there is no doubt that water based techniques are better for one’s health.

The Takeaway

We hope that this guide helped you in understanding both the wet and dry procedures of smoking marijuana. The dry method is mostly used by people who take marijuana occasionally and only for fun. The wet method on the other hand, is preferred by people who use these drugs most frequently and primarily for health related purposes. For consistent long term use, water bongs are recommended and preferable for better health.