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High school is a great time in our lives. It momentarily seems stressful but our whole lives are ahead of us. No matter how good your grades are in school, you begin college with not just big dreams but also a clean academic slate. Your school grades can potentially lend you in a decent place but that is it! Don’t take us wrong, it just means that college provides you a kick start to, in a way begin your academic or rather your whole life from scratch.

College is not as glamorous or easy-going as 90210 told us, it’s far more complex and in simple words REAL. Even though, it provides you with a direction towards your life long dreams but it also molds you for the real world which, mind you ain’t no bed of roses. College is not only limited to academics, it also involves juggling a part-time job, socializing, meal prepping, experiencing to name a few. Simply put, it’s a roller coaster ride after which you’re this incredible graduate, ready to take on the world with your head held high, oozing with confidence.

With all that you hear and observe, it can get a little overwhelming especially when you’re away from home, surrounded by a bunch of new people who are as shy as you in their freshmen year of college. If you want to kick start your college experience with a boom without missing out on all the social gatherings and compromising on your studies, here are some great tips which will help you get started.

1. Get Organized

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High school was a great time but it’s over. It’s the beginning of a new era, altogether. Now, let’s begin with organizing. Being away from home makes you realize the privilege you had. Things were done for you but hey, my friend, college is a completely different world. If you don’t do something, it will not be done. This is where your organizing skills kick in. All of us don’t have that cleanliness, organized freak in us and that’s okay. We all start somewhere and that’s what you should do. For instance, stop making piles of clothes; organize them in sections for cleaning, drying, etc. Similarly, have a do it right now attitude as opposed to procrastinating. Trust me, it’ll get you places.

2. Schedule

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Scheduling is an art that, especially a college student must learn. It is very easy to be sucked into the life of a party, but it is imperative to acknowledge the reason behind you being at college in the first place. Ten years down the lane, do you wish to discuss how many parties you went to or how smartly you passed your classes? It’s your call but we wish to stick with the latter.

To be at the top of your game not just academically but also with respect to your social life, you must list down your day to day routine. Try to spare, an hour or two each day for coursework/ revision to be more active and present in the classes while, leaving out some time each day for leisure like reading, hanging out with friends, going out for coffee, etc. This will allow you to be more mindful of your time. If you need schedulers has custom ones.

3. Prioritize

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Prioritizing is the key. It is pertinent to not deviate from the main purpose of the degree. You want to end up at the Wall Street or you want to write for the New Yorker’s Times, you must always have it at the back of your mind so that you know what you’re here for. Prioritize based on the importance of things. Attending classes must be your number one priority without second thoughts whereas, attending orientations, etc. must be second or third based on your preferences followed by hanging out with your friends, etc.

4. Strike a balance between college and social life

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College is far more than academics. It is an experience folded in four frustrating yet tremendous years. It is imperative to score good grades and not compromise on your education but it is also important to meet new people and socialize in general. There are times when some courses can get too much in terms of assignments and pop quizzes.

Here’s where you draw a line. Not every student is capable of writing a great assignment and not all of them see writing as a priority. For example, has had a lot of students coming to them with extensive tasks they weren’t able to do so they were looking for assistance. If you find yourself in similar trouble, you should know that there are alternative ways.

5. Be financially smart

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We begin undergraduate as late teens or early twenty’s. It is what they call the prime time when you want everything with nothing in your bank. There’s no such thing as a free lunch and hence, for whatever you want, you have to work that extra mile. College is tricky that way. You’re young and want to enjoy life but your financial means are limited. It is pertinent to look around for a part-time gig which provides you with that financial stability and you can enjoy life in moderation (of course!).

The four years spent at college at nothing sort of magic. They can really kick you but will help you become a better you with your goals and ambitions at a closer distance. So enjoy it while it lasts, trust me you’re going to miss it with all your being once it’s over.