The term Interim Director isn’t uncommonly used in the non-profit sector…yet. However, it is becoming increasingly widespread, and for a variety of positive reasons.

What if we told you that Recruiting a new Executive Director takes an average of 9 months for a Board of Directors. A year may have gone after their previous leader’s departure by the time they are on boarded and participating.

While Board members may step in to “bridge the gap,” the truth is that during a leadership transition, partners, employees, and funders may lose faith in the organization, and critical staff may quit. While managing payroll, monitoring personnel, or setting a budget may keep the lights on, the company might be injured and stymied without competent leadership, while the Board should be focused on choosing the next leader, called Interim Director.

Who is an interim Director and what are his duties?


An interim Executive Director (ED) for non-profit organizations is hired by the Board of Directors to administer the organization for a set period of time, usually 6 to 15 months. Perhaps more crucially, the interim Director helps the Board examine the existing situation so that the organization’s next permanent leader has a clear and unified vision of what the organization requires. A seasoned interim Director will assist the company in preparing for its long-term viability and the next leader’s success.

An interim Executive Director is a veteran company executive who can give interactive and impact leadership during an executive transfer. In many cases, the interim director will be more mature and knowledgeable than the individual who will be hired to fill the post on a permanent basis, so make use of their knowledge.

When any non-profit organization faces a leadership transition, its Board of Directors will need time to locate the best candidate for the job. In the meanwhile, need for an experienced CEO to take charge of the organization’s leadership, management, and decision-making.

The Interim director provides a network of experienced, professional interims to charity organizations going through leadership transitions.

Our network of hiring experienced interims directors recognizes that the transition period is important to the future success of our organization. We require interim management for NGOs in the very area and beyond. We need you to assist in bridging the gap in the non-profit organization. To apply for the post of Interim Director, click here.

The interim Director might not be an expert in the industry or program’s emphasis. They’ll rely on the program team that’s already on board with you, allowing them to focus on transition leadership, maintaining income, and ensuring that the organization keeps moving forward without a hitch. A common aspect of the brief is to assist the Board in organizing for the next phase of the organization.

Why need Interim Director?


Transitions in leadership within non-profit organizations can be particularly difficult on the Board of Directors, volunteers, staff, and supporters. It can be challenging to know how to best handle day-to-day management while we seek the individual who will lead our non-profit organization into the future if a Board member whose non-profit organization is experiencing an executive director change. Do you elevate a current employee to the position of acting manager? Why not hire a consultant? What if you just make do?

Hiring an interim Director may be difficult, but they also provide a chance for boards of directors to re-examine their vision, mission, and relevance. The organization’s future prosperity depends on how well it transitions. This exploration, however, takes time to do properly, and it should not be rushed, as with any significant task.

Interim executives provide boards the time they need to carefully execute this important task. Our non-profit need a focused CEO who can lead and manage until we hire our next leader when we employ an experienced professional from the Interim Executive Network.

Interim directors are experts in transition management, assist the business in moving from the past to the future that the Board envisions.

We, like other non-profit organizations, provide you with access to skilled, experienced executives who will assist your company during this vital period. The only difference is that it won’t cost you anything. We do not charge any application fee to you. we collaborate with our members warmly and welcome our newcomers.

Our members have worked with both large and small managements, with budgets ranging from thousand dollars to millions of dollars. We require interim leadership to a wide range of organizations with a variety of missions, all of which need skilled transitional leadership during times of change.

Now, What’s the primary thing you should keep in mind. Write a job application that provides the exact expectations for the assignment, including decision-making authority and accountabilities, just like you would for any interim director. Interim leaders are sometimes given more specific responsibilities than permanent leaders. When you just have a little time to work with someone, be extremely explicit about your expectations and duties.

The hiring procedure has been sped up. Consider describing a firm to help you be a quality candidate and expedite the process. An interim director will be chosen in a couple of days in some instances.

Interim Directors with professional experience will be hired to speak with you about taking your purpose forward during the leadership transition.

By giving access to a network of seasoned, professional management infrastructure, we can help you going through leadership changes.

Our History:


A small group of professional personnel found this very non-profit organization while examining all the circumstances, to help the people, about ten years ago.

This group realized the need for an organization to help the poor people in the region after being frustrated by their inability to meet the needs of Board members who needed interim leaders.

Interim professionals, board members, and funders were brought together for informal brown bag lunches to start the Network. A meaningful visioning meeting followed, with the goal of solidifying and gaining consensus on the best practices for the establishment of non-profit organizations as well as how they fit into the vision of a vibrant non-profit sector in the region.

we have developed significantly since then and now offer charity to those needy as well as information and services to Board members and organizations considering hiring an interim director.