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Job seekers are constantly on the lookout for new trends and tips that will help them land their dream job. Job-seeking is very stressful, as chances are dozens of people will apply for the same job you’re after. So to land a job, you need to impress hiring managers the most.

Writing a CV is hard work, but we’re going to tell you how to do it, none the less. For example, we recommend that you use professional platforms for the creation of your CV or Resume such as Jobseeker, one of the most popular platforms in the global market for the creation of cover letters, resumes, curriculums.

1. Show How Passionate You Are

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Employers love it when you show passion for your work. But that passion needs to be transferred to a piece of paper. Being passionate is a trait that most employers value. But to effectively grab their attention, you need to show your passion for the industry and the role you’re after.

So how do you do this? By including a side project you’ve worked on, relevant to the position you’re applying.

2. Be Specific & Impactful

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This is a tip that you’ve probably heard before but one that works, none the less. When applying for a job, you need to make it clear to the hiring managers how impactful you’ve been in previous job roles. You need to highlight the result of your involvement; doing so would instantly make your CV stand out from the rest.

This can easily be done by using bullets, each one for each position. But instead of using 10 bullets, try to split in half and make them count. Namely, according to, try to make them short and concise, but very specific.

3. Use Colors

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In 2019, hiring managers work by scanning each CV for a total of 10 seconds before choosing to continue or disregard the CV completely. This is why we recommend you highlight your most important achievements. This will tell hiring managers that you’ve done your research and that you’re not just another guy who’s applying for their job opening. It tells them that you care, willing to invest, and want that job!

On a side note, we suggest you avoid using colors when applying for corporate and, especially, government jobs. If you still want to do so, we suggest you use a combination of grey and black.

4. Write a Good Job Description

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The job description section is one of the most important ones on the entire CV. When writing the job description part, make sure to write down these things:

  • Keywords that relate to soft and hard skills acquired on the job
  • Keywords describing your experience; years of work, responsibilities, etc
  • Keywords describing the culture of the environment
  • Why you believe you would be a good fit for the role

As a general rule, don’t overuse keywords as it can look at a bit forced. While you should add relevant keywords whenever you can in your resume, try to make it look more natural as opposed to forced. If you want to see how it is done, you can check some great resume examples at Ladders.

5. Be Confident in Your Writing

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Your CV is your own personal marketing document that holds all of your past professional experiences. But this document also tells who you are, what your core values are, and what the things you’ve achieved are. So it’s important that you’re confident when writing it, in a manner that’s consistent, specific, and balances your professional with personal character.