“A few minutes of shame and you’re a certified specialist.” This is a phrase we sometimes hear before the upcoming final Thesis presentation. We understand in our hearts that there is some truth in this joke, but we sincerely wanted to avoid failing the final presentation and ruining all the hard work during the Thesis Project. To accomplish one of the most important student’s assignments with an “excellent” is an achievable goal, and it is not necessary to blush and wait for the promised moment of shame. A responsible approach to writing a thesis, a well-composed speech, presentation, and a little confidence in yourself and your knowledge are the key components for successful presentation.

Some students are very successful and enthusiastic about practical assignments during the Final Thesis Project. However, when it comes to the actual reporting, and Thesis writing all of their motivation suddenly disappears. In these cases, students can get help from professional writers at Essayassistant.org.

Choosing a thesis topic

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The choice of the topic and type of thesis is a crucial point of the process. This can be theoretical work, technical, or research (theory with practice). The lecturer will usually give you a choice, you will only have to listen to yourself and soberly assess your abilities. Based on the topic of the Thesis Project, you can already imagine its future presentation and what you should focus on in the preparation for it. It is recommended to write a thesis independently and you do not need to explain it. In life, there are times when it is not possible to do it all by yourself and there is nothing shameful in seeking help from specialists. Currently, services for writing thesis reports are available, popular, and are represented by many companies.

Whether you write the work yourself or ask for help, you still need to plan the time for completing tasks and know what it will be about. Each chapter can be viewed, studied, and communicated with the supervisor of the Thesis project. He should see your interest in the work, competence, the knowledge gained, and competent correction of comments. Having received the approval of the supervisor, in the form of a mandatory review of the work performed, you can begin to conquer the second peak leading to a triumphant presentation — writing a speech and making a presentation.

Making a speech for a presentation

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You should note that 50% of the success of the Final Thesis Presentation is precisely a well-composed speech. Some people are given 10 minutes, and they will describe all the essential points, while the audience’s attention will not be lost for a minute. There are others, for them, this time will seem like an eternity, which they will not be able to use for their intended purpose, but will wander in their thoughts, without really expressing any of them. So that you do not fall into the second category, after writing and approving the Thesis report study it thoroughly once again. Find the most important and interesting points and start writing the presentation speech.

When writing a speech, you should pay attention to the following main points:

● the topic of the thesis project;
● the possibility of using the project’s results at the present moment (relevance);
● the purpose and the main task of the practical part;
● brief description of the research subject;
● Primary and secondary research;
● concise essence of the work, the specifics of the performance, and your contribution;
● practical application of the results of the work and their possible comparative evaluation;
● methodology used;
● conclusions.

Of course, in the Thesis report, you can and even need to use various figures and illustrations: photos, drawings, diagrams, tables, diagrams, graphs. You can arrange part of the speech in the form of posters or slide shows, taking advantage of modern technology. Make sure to prepare handouts with the key outcomes of your project, for each member of the examination committee.

When preparing for the presentation in this way, you should not forget about the sequence of speech, logical chains, and the correspondence of the text to the visuala. You can do this by practicing at home, each time making notes on unclear or controversial points and later discussing them with your supervisor. Do not forget about the time of the presentation, which is usually about 20 minutes. If your fascinating speech exceeds this time frame, it is better to adjust it so as not to be caught off guard at the presentation itself, when you are asked to speed up.

Presentation rehearsal and self-belief

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The presentation of the Thesis Project report should be rehearsed several times at home, you can be completely alone, or you can involve friends and family. The second option is recommended for those who are worried about public speaking and often get lost. It is very difficult to keep the audience’s attention if you are not sure about the content of the thesis, constantly looking at the prepared speech and swallowing the words.

You can get an “excellent” grade by just being a skilled speaker even without a great Thesis Project. In contrast, having thoroughly studied the content of the Thesis project, having scientific experience and practice, you may not be able to convey this to the audience. Therefore, you need self-belief and constant practice to learn how to speak loudly, clearly, and confidently.

Carefully study the prepared report, declare it to everyone who wants to listen, ask them to ask questions. You need to learn how to answer them confidently and convincingly. Just before the presentation day, you need to put everything aside and get a good night’s sleep.

Having fulfilled all these things, you can be sure that you will successfully present your work and will be deservedly considered a certified specialist.