Tactical police boots are a must-have piece of gear, not just a fashion accessory. Police boots are multifunctional, comfortable shoes, but suitable for long-term loads and allow the feet to feel light even when a cop has to wear them all day and cope with numerous tasks.

Features of Tactical Shoes for Policemen

Unlike military berets or hiking shoes, officer boots weigh less, and therefore the legs do not tire so quickly, and it becomes much easier to run or cope with other physical activities. Such shoes must fix the ankle joint well, which is most often injured during special tasks. In addition, tactical shoes have other features.

The Upper Part

Manufacturers select different materials for the upper part of the boots, depending on the season. Usually, the top has a combined structure.

So, manufacturers often offer a frame made of leather or nubuck, and the inserts are made of durable ballistic nylon or similar materials (for example, it can be a special knit designed for sports shoes). Shoe manufacturers often use cordura and other super-durable materials to create a comfortable and durable upper.

The Sole Structure

The sole consists of three parts: the one closest to the foot is designed according to the recommendations of orthopedists. The middle part of the sole (midsole) is made of cushioning materials. By analogy with sports shoes, manufacturers choose EVA foam, gel, or air-filled cushions for cushioning.

The main purpose of the midsole is to absorb all shock loads and evenly distribute the weight of a person throughout the feet. In this way, the number of injuries during the performance of professional tasks is reduced, and the legs are less tired.

The outer part of the sole has grippy rubber inserts and a clear tread pattern. Thanks to the wide grooves and the pattern of the tread, excellent adhesion of the sole to the surface are ensured in any weather and under any conditions.

It works great in snow or rain, on asphalt or dirt roads, or in general off-road conditions. The special curves of the pattern on the tread are also designed to stabilize the foot and easily roll the foot from heel to toe.

Also, tactical duty boots must have foot stabilizers and protection against twisting. If a police officer places his foot carelessly, the risk of sprained ligaments or joint injuries remains minimal. The sole has a thickening in the heel area and covers the toe of the shoe for additional protection of the toes.

Additional Elements for Comfort and Protection

Given the extremely difficult conditions in which officers sometimes have to be, police boots have many additional features. It is thanks to this construction that police tactical shoes are so comfortable:

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  • The lacing is made in such a way as to hold the ankle joint well and securely fix the foot in the shoe;
  • Multi-layer anatomical insoles help to ensure the correct position of the foot in the shoes, and therefore, the legs do not tire so quickly.
  • The antibacterial layer of the insole absorbs excess moisture and protects against fungus.

In some models, in addition to the specified elements, there may be additional ones. This helps to make the shoes even more high-quality, wear-resistant, and adapted to the performance of difficult tasks.

Seasonal Features

Tactical footwear has three main categories, depending on the season:

  1. Summer;
  2. Demi-season;
  3. Winter

Summer and demi-season models are lightweight, and have perforations so that the leg does not sweat. Winter tactical shoes have insulation, but they do not reduce mobility and remain comfortable. With the use of thermal insulation, winter tactical boots become an even more comfortable and warm solution.

The Main Advantages of Tactical Shoes for Police Officers

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Tactical police boots are different from regular trekking shoes. Compared to tourist models of shoes, specialized shoes for cops have many more advantages:

  • Lightness;
  • Convenience;
  • Rigidity;
  • Resistance to adverse operating conditions.

The comfort of cop shoes can be compared to the comfort of summer running shoes. The lacing, insole, and construction of the freebie help to securely fix the foot in the shoe and thereby protect against dislocations, tendon strains, and other dangerous or unpleasant injuries.

Also, shoes for cops must have a water-repellent membrane. Thanks to this structure, the feet always remain dry. You already know about the special structure of the sole, but there is one secret in the models designed for policemen.

The fact is that, in addition to the sticky protector, the sole is equipped with special grooves, which makes such boots look like shoes for climbers. This solution has the same purpose, namely climbing up or down on the lacing.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Shoes?

Tactical footwear for professional needs must meet the standards, norms, and requirements adopted in a specific department or department. Having received clear recommendations regarding the season, mandatory elements, and other criteria, you can open online catalogs and simply find here the model that meets the specified criteria.

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When choosing shoes for a law enforcement officer, special attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Model Height: Boots can be short, medium, or tall
  • Fingers should be additionally protected from injuries. For this, specialized shoes have metal or composite inserts.
  • A side zipper (YKK) is a must in addition to the traditional lacing – this is a must for flashing on and off as needed.
  • Light Thinsulate material is used as insulation according to standards, which also removes excess moisture from the feet well. Conventional types of insulation are not very suitable for winter tactical boots.

Please note that any footwear, especially those in which you need to perform heavy physical tasks, should be measured with a sock. Even summer models are better to choose according to this rule. This will allow you to avoid the situation when the leg swells from fatigue or heat, and calluses appear.

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