A Gift Could Be Personalized, Expensive, or Both

Let’s shatter some stereotypes first. Many people hold an oversimplified image of what a gift is supposed to be. They believe that a thing you present somebody with had better have intrinsic value. Simply put, you ought to fork out for that thing. What we believe is that the era of this fixed and widely held idea is drawing to a close. A perfect gift is one you can customize. It carries high symbolic value. If you drop by Shutterfly’s store and scoop up some Shutterfly’s coupon codes there, you will find out that a good gift turns out to be quite a good bargain! Customizing a photo book, a mug, or a wall canvas, you will prove that care. Caring doesn’t mean buying something expensive. If you care, you spend time and effort to make a gift special, and unique.

Do you know that you don’t always need a reason to give somebody a gift? Especially if a loved person is the addressee of a gift. At the same time pouring even the loved ones with a torrent of gifts doesn’t sound like a good plan as well. Doing so, you may devalue the particularity of a special occasion. Or you may not do so. It depends on you. It is all up to you. One thing that we know for sure is that a gift won’t do any harm. Be it a lavish thing or a knick-knack, a gift serves a specific purpose. The goal is to let a cheerful disarming smile embellish your loved ones’ faces.

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Gift

But you can get your loved ones or friends something expensive as well. What matters is that you look for a thing that they will like and find useful. We don’t usually look for some guides on how to choose the best gift because we consider that there is no easier task than finding a gift. And it isn’t rocket science. But following a handful of tips is proven an efficient gift-seeking strategy. By doing this, you will pinpoint common mistakes that other people make while looking for a gift. The tips go as follows.

1. Socks are no longer a classic crappy gift


It used to be that way. This stereotype had grasped the minds of people with a death grip before stores like Shutterfly began to advance in the world. A pair of socks is an excellent option to present somebody with for one simple reason. There are never too many socks. You can have too many dresses or tees, but never underwear and socks. This is what makes this piece of fashion a vintage gift. At Shutterfly, you can personalize socks by having the faces of an addressee’s pets printed on them. Let them put their best foot forward wearing a pair of socks customized from the top to the toe.

2. Problem-solvers give problem-solvers

It is about time for another stereotype to get washed straight into the sewer. People think that more gifts bring an addressee more happiness. That’s wrong. It isn’t the number of gifts that make people churn out the signs of satisfaction. It is a gift that removes some negative experience or problem.

A wall canvas may remove a problem. For example, your friend’s toddler catapulted a spoonful of soup into the wall. It used to be a nice wall right after the makeover. But when it came within the firing range of that child, the aesthetic appeal has taken its leave for good. Your friend’s perception of the once beautiful kitchen interior vanished too and never came back. With Shutterfly, you have a chance to fix that! Customize wall art. Have the store print a canvas with your friend’s child flashing a disarming smile. The ugly stain will no longer see the light. The problem is solved.

3. Trying to outsmart a giftee, you outsmart will yourself


We don’t cast a single grain of doubt over the fact that you are a smart person. You may account for the plenty of brains in your family and the country alike. But unless you are a professional profiler, don’t try to figure out what they want. Your guess is hardly likely to hit dead on target. If you are lucky to have a giftee who says straight what they want, you just give them what they want.

If they say that a photo gallery showing their memorable moments would be a wonderful pick, you just follow that wise piece of advice. Check Shutterfly to personalize a photo gallery and present your loved ones with a fun treat.

4. Sentimentality doesn’t wear off

You may think that another mug, even a personalized one, will be just another mug. It may collect the dust along with tens of other mugs, cups, and tumblers. But the one you give as a gift, and especially if it shows a meaningful phrase or image that matters a lot to a giftee, won’t be retired.

Studies show that novelty doesn’t hold the ground. We get used to new things and they are no longer new. They become ordinary and indistinguishable from the rest. But sentiment never goes away. This is the reason you are going to notice that your loved ones sip a flavorful coffee from a personalized Shutterfly mug more often than from the ones they may have for years, if not decades.

5. Uniqueness boosts sentimental value

Let’s see what else science says about making gifts personalized. A physical thing beats experiences for special occasions. A silver necklace with a pendant that shows the loved one’s initials and the memorable date will make a mindful and impactful gift. Every time they look at it, they will recall the memorable events from their special occasions.


Shutterfly will let you order a pendant personalized with a variety of charms. You can find photo charms, initials, and birthstones. A giftee will always remember who he or she celebrated that milestone, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

A Personalized Gift Is Infinite

With infinite care, you will present a mug, photo book, or a piece of wall art. Those things seem to be a corny option for a gift. And they would be unless you made them unique and enriched them with sentimental value. Along with being able to evoke pleasant memories, your gifts should carry some practical meaning. They had better be applicable. A mug, wall art, or a pair of socks will never go unnoticed. Those things are eternally needful, especially if they convey something meaningful to a giftee.